How to stop feeling stressed & overwhelmed

Feeling stressed? Feeling overwhelmed? Stop fretting. Everything’s going to turn out okay. Life isn’t meant to be complicated.

When things turn complicated, it’s your sign to let go of whatever’s keeping you from peace. Remember that living is really simple. Living is about being and loving.

Let go

To stop feeling stressed and overwhelmed, let go of your need to be perfect. Let go of your need to impress. Let go of things in your schedule that are not helping you feel a sense of balance.


Being nothing other than who you are at this moment, without any changes. Show up and you’ll become better at all the things that you want to get better at. There’s power in showing up fragile and imperfect.


When you’ve got lots of things going on, return to love. Every day, every moment is a new chance to love.

The world needs all types of love: peaceful love, forgive-full love, healing love, happy love. Love in whatever ways you can.

See? I told you. Everything is going to turn out okay. Remember to keep things simple:

Let go. Be. Love.

Stop causing your own stress. Seriously. Stop.

Self-caused stress is the leading cause of tense shoulders and trouble falling asleep. This is true for me. Are you causing your own stress, too?

I had a major realization the week before I visited my family in Oklahoma this last week of November. If I was stressed before I left for a week of vacation, it was because I was causing my own darn stress.

You’re probably thinking: well, life IS supposed to be stressful. *Cue in the sound effect of a wrong-answer buzzer*. No, life doesn’t have to be stressful all of the time

In reflection, I realized that there are strategies I can use to be less stressed.

If you ever find yourself in the same patterns of behavior that bring unnecessary stress, below are 3 strategies you can use to find a sense of peace 🕊️ and calm as you tackle your day-to-day, to-do lists.

1. give yourself enough time to do what’s important

In other words, stop putting things off till the end. Become diligent and disciplined when it comes to doing what’s important. 

Notice that I wrote “what’s important” not “every single thing on your to-do list”.

If you’re anything like me, some of the things on your to-do list never get checked off anyway. Hence, only the important things ever get done.

2. strive to do your best, not your most perfect

Don’t get hung up on striving to do your most perfect. There will always be a reason to say that things didn’t come out perfect. Because there will always be a better perfect.

Strive to do your best by giving it your all and by being satisfied at the end of the day with your best effort. Give yourself credit for all of things you accomplished today!

#3. You don’t have do ANYTHING to be productive

You don’t have to do a single thing in order to be productive. Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is take a break because your mind, body, & spirit need breaks to help refresh you.

When you hit the pause button ⏸️, you find strength, inspiration, and lightness that helps keep you at your most productive.

There will always be a new problem to tackle or something to complain about. Just make sure that you’re not causing yourself unnecessary stress.

One Tip to Stop Feeling Stressed

A while back I shared on this blog how I put my master’s degree on hold because I was exhausted from my full-time job and taking evening and weekend classes at university.

I felt stressed and overwhelmed everyday–even on the weekends. I didn’t prioritize scheduling in time to simply relax.

What I needed the most from that place of stress and overwhelm from meeting deadlines was balance. I needed a time in my day and week when I was not expected to turn in anything, when the world didn’t expect anything from me.

So I decided to stop taking the classes. This decision was probably one of the hardest I had to make because everyone around me seemed to support the idea that I should continue taking them.

When I checked in with myself and was honest about how I was feeling, I started to make the word balance a priority. As a result, I felt less stressed throughout the week.

Make Balance a Priority

The first step to stop feeling stressed is to make balance a priority. How can your life use balance? For example, are you working too hard and too much and not scheduling time to relax? Or are you not scheduling in time do do the things that you love?

Next, schedule in time to relax or to do the activities that you love. What activities do you enjoy doing in your free time? What hobbies or interests light you up and bring you happiness? How can you make more time in the day, week, or month for them?