3 Ways to Love Yourself More

Loving your life starts with loving and accepting everything that is you. Accept your imperfections. Be loyal to your joys. Be patient with yourself during times of self growth. Loving your life starts by loving the world within yourself. The inner story you tell yourself on a daily basis reflects in the outer world. KeepContinue reading “3 Ways to Love Yourself More”

15 ways to refresh your mind, body, & soul

Every now and then, you get signs to refresh your inner & outer sparkle ✨ . You feel like you need a break, a self-care day. You feel drained or in need of some alone time. If you’re currently in need of refreshing your mind, body, & soul, here are 15 ideas to help youContinue reading “15 ways to refresh your mind, body, & soul”

Stop causing your own stress. Seriously. Stop.

Self-caused stress is the leading cause of tense shoulders and trouble falling asleep. This is true for me. Are you causing your own stress, too? I had a major realization the week before I visited my family in Oklahoma this last week of November. If I was stressed before I left for a week ofContinue reading “Stop causing your own stress. Seriously. Stop.”

When life gives you the sign to slow down

Don’t you feel let down because things are not going according to timeline? You feel stressed. Or you get sick out of nowhere. Isn’t it frustrating when life gives you the sign to slow down? You can’t do the things you want to do. Or you don’t have the energy to do them. Isn’t slowingContinue reading “When life gives you the sign to slow down”