Love your life

When things don’t look or feel the way you want them to, you feel frustrated because you fear you’ll never have the life you envision for yourself. Your problems separate you from realizing your dreams. Sometimes you don’t see the problems coming. You wonder how long they will last. Or you can’t find solutions forContinue reading “Love your life”

How change transforms your life

A change in your daily ritual might not be what you want. But it may be exactly what you need. As the days go by you get used to doing or thinking things a certain way. Change comes at the right time to help you switch things up a bit. New perspective A new changeContinue reading “How change transforms your life”

The beauty, the goodness, and the mystery of life

You appreciate the beauty, the goodness, and the mystery of life on good and bad days. As you get older, your wisdom grows. You’re less naive. You’re stronger. You’re grateful about the good things life blesses you with: songs to sing, something new to learn, a curiosity to laugh about.  Sometimes the purpose of yourContinue reading “The beauty, the goodness, and the mystery of life”

How journaling transforms your life

Do you want to find the answer to an important life question? Do you want to find your voice? Do you want to transform your life? If so, journaling is the perfect place to start. Listen to your inner wisdom and truth Journaling helps you find the answers that are always always within you, theContinue reading “How journaling transforms your life”

A rainbow after the storm

“The way I see it if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain,” says Dolly Parton. The storms of life aren’t fun. They catch you unprepared. They ask you to be flexible with your plans. When they do arrive though, there’s always this promise or hope of a rainbow after theContinue reading “A rainbow after the storm”

The end of 2019. On my terms. 3rd edition.

Originally posted on One day at a time…:
First things first: HAPPY NEW YEAR MY BLOGGING BUDDIES! May 2020 be filled with more joy than sorrow,  more laughter than tears, more accomplishments than failures. May your writing flourish and remain evergreen. If you know me, you know that I like doing things differently. This is…

Enjoy These 5 Benefits of Solitude

Check in with yourself: Do you feel like you need some alone time? If your first thought is you’re selfish for focusing on yourself, choosing solitude will strengthen your relationships. It will help you let go of your expectations of the world so that you are better able to connect with everyone in your life.Continue reading “Enjoy These 5 Benefits of Solitude”