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On Moons & Poetry

Lately, I’ve been thinking about realities. Right now variations of the quote, “You are not in this world. The world is inside you” come to mind. And this is where the image of the moon comes in. Poet Natalie Diaz in conversation with Mike Albo said that one of her brothers who is addicted to meth sometimes hides from the moon because he thinks it’s hunting him. This image of a grown man running away from the beautiful moon seems unbelievable to me. But it’s true. She later gives poets a piece of writing advice: you can start with an image. Since watching her poetry reading and interview for the PEN DIY: How To Series, the image of the moon, the image of a moon lingers in my mind. I think of her letter poem “From the Desire Field” addressed to Ada Limon, also a poet. Diaz writes, “I’ll risk losing something new instead— / like you lost your rosen moon, shook it lose.”